Bay Valuation Advisors is a full-service valuation firm providing a broad array of expert valuation opinions and advisory services for a wide variety of purposes, including: financial reporting, tax reporting, dispute resolution and other corporate financial matters. Our partners are Silicon Valley veterans, averaging over 20 years of experience providing valuation and financial advisory services to market leading companies around the world. This expertise, coupled with the use of sophisticated valuation techniques, allows us to address even the most complex valuation issues and provide our clients with the strategic insight they need to make decisions.

When we founded BVA, we set out to build a firm with the singular goal of delivering world-class valuation services to our clients at a reasonable cost. We recognize that the regulatory demands placed on companies today are unprecedented, as are the financial challenges posed by current economic conditions. Clients need an experienced advisor they can trust to help them navigate complex fair value accounting and tax requirements, but at the same time need to spend money wisely.

In these challenging times, BVA is the right choice for your valuation needs. Our professionals combine decades of deep technical valuation, accounting and industry expertise, an intense devotion to client service, and a cost-effective service delivery model into what we believe is a winning solution for our clients.