BVA’s partners excel in helping financial services businesses address their myriad and complex valuation issues, using both novel and tried and tested methodologies and approaches. We have worked with many of the largest financial institutions in the world, including retail and investment banks, securities brokerages, investment managers and insurance companies.  Additionally, combining our focus on innovative companies with our financial industry expertise gives us a unique perspective on the FinTech subsector.

Some Financial Service sector highlights are:

Banking institutions face some of the most important, and difficult valuation issues of any business.  From basic loan portfolios and core deposit intangibles, to derivative books and interest rate and currency hedging strategies, and every asset and liability class in between, various valuations are critical to banks’ balance sheets, and operations.  Our deep expertise in the functioning of all forms of financial instruments serves our clients’ need for well-supported valuations.

Disruption in the financial services industry is certainly nothing new, but the pace of new developments has increased exponentially over the past several years.  In a regulated industry (whether it is taxis or banking!), innovation can bring with it some challenges.  As experts in understanding value drivers in both “traditional” financial services and early, growth-stage, technology businesses, we have a unique perspective on the fintech sector.  Whether it be for strategic or financing purposes, investor portfolio valuations, employee ownership/409(A) purposes, or purchase price allocations, we are experts in this emerging financial services sector.

Investment Management
We serve all aspects of the broader investment management industry, from traditional asset managers, to private equity, hedge fund, and venture capital investors, as well as wealth managers.  While our expertise is particularly strong in the field of employee/owner equity valuations, we serve the investment management industry across a range of valuation needs, from M&A strategy and tax planning, to financial reporting for intangible assets, impairment testing, and equity method investments.  We also provide valuations for individuals in the industry relating to valuing carried interest and other similar rights, as well as “GRAT” and other gift and estate tax planning needs. 

Portfolio Valuations for Investment Managers
From a portfolio valuation perspective, we both perform valuations and advise on valuation policies, procedures, and practices, both at fund inception and through the life cycle of an alternative investment fund.  For products with daily NAV needs, we also provide “on-demand” valuations for special circumstances as well as acting as an advisor to the pricing or valuation committee.  With BVA’s unrivaled expertise in valuing emerging growth companies, we can help venture capital investors across a range of valuation issues within their portfolios.  We can provide any level of valuation assurance and support, from enhancing current levels of documentation, to full opinions of value, and can assist with either just the most difficult investments, or entire portfolios.  Additionally, we regularly perform fairness opinions as well as solvency opinions when required in special investor situations.