In today’s complex healthcare environment, providers are under increasing pressure from government regulators to control costs, yet maintain quality levels of care. Decreasing margins, a shortage of skilled workers and a heightened emphasis on cost management are just a few of the challenges faced by hospitals, medical practitioners, outpatient facilities and long-term care facilities. Today’s healthcare provider must be adept at dealing with these all these challenges, as well as the emerging market pressures, and opportunities, created by an aging population and the growing ranks of the chronically ill.

BVA’s partners have provided valuation advisory services to a wide variety of different types of healthcare providers and we offer an informed opinion about the issues of important to our clients in the industry. Key healthcare industry sectors served include the following.

Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities
General care and specialized hospitals, as well as various outpatient medical facilities.

Medical Practices and Practitioners
Physician practices, rehabilitation clinics, diagnostic imaging facilities, and medical laboratories.

Long Term Care Facilities
Skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living facilities.