Delivering great service isn’t just about technical expertise. It’s also about knowing your client’s business and understanding the industry in which they compete. The drivers of value in one industry are often very different from those of another, and only an advisor with real industry expertise can offer you the insights you require to ensure your value estimates are accurate and defensible. While many firms talk about industry expertise, few have the depth of experience of BVA. Our partners are specialists in their chosen industries, having focused intensely in these areas for over a decade. While the BVA team has served clients across a broad range of industries, our partners have particular experience serving clients in the following sectors. We welcome you to explore these pages to learn more about our industry focus and the expertise we can deliver.

Industry sectors served include: software, semiconductors, computing and peripheral devices, networking and communications technologies, data center services and technologies, web technologies and a wide variety of microelectronics technologies.

Life Sciences
Industry sectors served include: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices and technologies.

Industry sectors served include: hospitals and urgent care facilities, medical practices, chronic care facilities, and nursing home and elder care facilities.

Financial Services
Industry sectors served include: banking, investment advisory, auction services, payment systems, and cryptocurrencies.