We believe that superior technical valuation and industry expertise can only be obtained by serving market leading clients over a long period of time.  Over their careers, BVA's partners have advised many of the largest and most dynamic technology, life sciences, healthcare and financial services companies in the world, including:


Five of the ten largest software companies in the world, including three of the top five.

Computing Hardware

Four of the ten largest computer hardware companies in the world.


Four of the ten largest semiconductor companies in the world, including three of the top four.

Networking and Communications

The largest networking and communications company in the world and two of the top ten.


The largest internet retailer in the world.


Four of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.


Two of the four largest biotechnology companies in the world.


Two of the ten largest healthcare service providers in the world.

Financial Services

Three of the ten largest financial services companies in the world.

Currently, BVA serves over 200 clients across these industry sectors, for which we provide over 500 valuation opinions on annual basis.