At Bay Valuation Advisors, our mission is simple: deliver the highest quality, most responsive valuation services possible, leveraging some of the most experienced senior valuation practitioners in the profession, and do so at a very competitive price point.  Prior to founding BVA, our partners were senior leaders in the valuation at practice at Deloitte for over a decade, serving as partners, director and senior managers, in both local and national leadership roles.  While successful in our roles, we all felt that there was an opportunity to deliver higher quality valuation services, with greater partner involvement, far more efficiently to our clients.  We achieve our mission by deploying only experienced, senior client service teams, remaining flexible to our clients’ needs and managing our costs aggressively.

Experienced, Senior Client Service Teams

Our client service philosophy is rooted in the belief that our clients benefit most when their service provider delivers experienced, senior resources on a project, rather than leveraging work to inexperienced junior staff or outsourcing it to overseas subsidiaries. We supplement that with a belief that our clients deserve real time access to our partners and 24/7 responsiveness on our engagements. For this reason, we keep our engagement teams small, highly efficient and partner led, and we commit to deliver the same team, rather than constantly introducing new faces to our clients.

Independent and Flexible

Unlike many of the larger firms, as a purely independent service provider, BVA has no independence issues, attest or otherwise, which could call into question our independence or prevent us from serving you on a project. When you need us, we will be there. And we will negotiate terms and conditions under which our engagements are performed quickly and painlessly, being flexible to your needs where others often are not.

High Quality at a Reasonable Price

At BVA, we manage our costs very aggressively and only invest in resources that truly benefit our clients and our business. That includes our people, technology and service delivery capabilities. This approach allows us to offer a high quality work product, equal, or superior to, large national firms at a significantly lower cost.