Valuation issues that arise in the tax arena are inherently complex, and the taxing authorities that will review your filings are under intense pressure to ensure compliance and maximize revenue. You need an advisor that can provide you with a rigorous valuation analysis, employing methodologies and assumptions that result in defensible conclusions. BVA’s partners have extensive experience performing valuations in accordance with the regulations and guidance established by the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities around the world.

Our Tax Valuation Services include:

Transaction Services

  • Tax Restructurings and Reorganizations

  • Goodwill and Asset Allocation to Legal Entities

  • Joint Venture Formation

  • Asset Valuations (§338/1060)

  • Golden Parachutes/Non-Compete Agreements (§280G)

  • NOL Limitations and Built-in Gains (§382/384)

  • Like-Kind Exchanges (§1031)

  • Contribution in Kind Transactions

Tax Planning

  • IP Donations, Charitable Contributions of Stock (§170)

  • C Corp to S Corp Conversions (§1374)

  • Estate and Gift Tax

Tax Compliance

  • Common Stock Valuations for Option Grants (§409a)

  • Business and Asset Valuations

  • ESOPs

Other Tax Valuation Services

  • Worthless Stock Deductions (§165)

  • Discharge of Indebtedness (§108)

  • Valuations of Pass-Through Entities

  • Tax Litigation Support